Instructions to fill in the form "working with us"

Declaring relevant unspent criminal convictions

You must declare any unspent criminal convictions related to:

Note that if you are applying to a programme involving teaching, health or social work which requires working with children or vulnerable adults (please see list of Programmes requiring a Disclosure and Barring Service check below), you have a separate additional obligation to tell us about any criminal convictions, including spent convictions, verbal cautions and bind-over orders.

Successful applicants to these programmes may also be required to undergo a formal Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS). More information may be found on the DBS website (

In the Form you may required to tick as appropriate:
No, I do not have any unspent criminal convictions.
Yes, I have unspent criminal convictions.
If you answer "yes" to the above question please provide details.
- Please refer to the DBS website. Not all unspent offences will infuence your application, for example driving offences.

Also, in the Form you may required to indicate if you have a formal Disclosure from the DBS or similar. Please place the date of issued.