Instructions to fill in the form "working with us"

At the end of the form you will find a space to fill in a lesson plan.
Please write a lesson plan for a 45 minute lesson to teach one of the following topics:

Your lesson plan should be divided into three sections:

1. Presentation: is the first step in the PPP lesson plan template, and is the most important. This is your time to shine, to convey the information you worked so hard preparing to your eager students. Presentation is the main part of teaching.

2. Practice: is the second stage of the PPP lesson plan template. This is when you will hand over a bit of control to your students and let them try out and experiment with the new material. If your presentation was well-developed and awesome, your students will be more than ready to jump into the material themselves. In the practice stage, you will give your students a set of tasks or activities to complete by using what they have learned in the presentation stage.

3. Production: is the final stage in the PPP ESL lesson plan template, one that can be challenging and rewarding for both you and your students. The production stage is also referred to as the fluency stage. In this stage students should complete a task that allows students to practise their new language skills.
Please indicate your chosen topic:

Please also indicate the age group of your lesson plan. For students who are...